Maui Kanu Waka DIY Kitsets

We custom build DIY Kit-sets for the Maui Kanu in standard colour of your choice.

DIY Kitsets

We have five V1 models available as DIY kitsets.
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The DIY V1 Kit-set includes:

  • Canoe (deck & hull are already glued)
  • Ama (deck & hull are already glued)
  • Cockpit (not glued)
  • 2 partition walls
  • Kiato  attachments
  • Seat
  • Step by step guideline with photos on how to finish the canoe
  • Support given by phone or email if unsure on some steps
  • With the DIY when you pick-up your kitset, we give a workshop which is optional. We go through the guideline with you and show you how to complete each step.

Note: we supply aluminium kiatos or you can source wooden / carbon kiato from another supplier. Any other extra parts, work or special colours will be priced on application. Please allow 2-4 weeks from time of order to completion for one DIY V1 Kit-set.

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