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We custom build quality NZ made Tahitian Va’a

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Maui Kanu, Rotorua, Aotearoa, New Zealand. Tahitian Va’a Quality NZ Made, using the best materials in high quality composites.

We custom build locally Tahitian V1 Waka Ama.



There are two ways you can purchase a Waka from us:

(1) Fully built canoe, comes complete ready to go or

(2) D.I.Y (Do it Yourself) V1 Kitsets available; An easy and affordable option to get your own V1.
The DIY kit includes:
– Canoe (deck & hull are already glued
– Ama (deck & hull are already glued
– Cockpit (not glued)
– Two partition walls
– Kiato Attachments
– Seat
– An easy step by step guideline with photos on how to finish the canoe
– Support is given by phone or email if unsure on some steps
– With the DIY option, I give a workshop (about 45mins) which is optional, but I recommend it. So, when you pick up your kitset, I go through the guideline with you and show you how to complete each step.

P.O. Box 9024, Springfield Height, Rotorua, Aotearoa, New Zealand

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Mob: 027 205 5721

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