V1 Sprinter
    Length: 7m14
    Width of cockpit: 41cm
    Construction: Glass, Carbon Glass or Carbon
    Optional Extras: Vacuum Infusion, Carbon Kiato, Pedals & Removable Rudder

For pure speed for the flat, light to medium conditions, the V1 Sprinter has a confortable moulded seat and a lower cockpit for easy paddle changes. CONTACT US today for a price list!!!

Photos above: Top three Open Men W1 2012 NZ Waka Ama National Champs (Marty McDowell - Gold Medalist, Tyrin Thomas - Silver Medalist, Bradley Anderson - Bronze Medalist) all paddling in Maui Kanu V1 Sprinters (Photos courtesy of NKOA).

Congratulations BRADLEY Anderson: 2013 NZ Premier Men W1 500m Champs! V1 MODEL: Maui Kanu V1 Sprinter (Photos courtesy of NKOA).

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