KIATOS (Tahitian Design)
V1 Carbon Kiatos
V1 Carbon Kiatos - Fits most tahitian Va'a models

Tahitian design kiatos, shaped as a wing for better air flow and aerodynamic performance.

Built strong with epoxy, carbon and foam core. Each kiato is constructed under mechanical pressure for lightness and stiffness. A pair will fit most Tahitian va'a models in today's market.

Available in different colours.

Made in NZ

Carbon Kiatos
Carbon Kiatos

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Alloy Kiatos
V1 Alloy Anodised Kiatos

All our alloy kiatos are anodised and available in matt or bright / shiny polished finish. A pair will fit most tahitian va'a models.Colours available are: blue, black, gold, red, green, purple, yellow, orange, grey and pink

A pair will fit most tahitian va'a models in today's market.

Made in NZ
Red Alloy Kiatos (Bright Finish)
Blue Alloy Kiatos (Bright Finish)

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