Hot Seats: Simply peel the backing off the Hot Seat and it permanently secures in the cockpit. In addition to superior comfort and support, the seat also encourages a slightly forward posture to help the paddler better engage and utilize a thigh brace. Made from sturdy thermal-molded foam, it's available in three styles: Grande (Gray) made wider and longer to accommodate larger paddlers; Spicy (Black) made a bit firmer for handling serious whitewater; Mild (Blue) made softer for calm water touring.

$85.50 NZ (Gray "Grande" )

$54.00 NZ each (Blue "Mild" & Black "Spicy)

Nyloprene spraydeck & Neoprene Cockpit Cover: The Nyloprene spraydeck is designed for touring or multisport. 3mm Neoprene deck section and breathable ‘exeat’ nylon body. A 8mm bungy around the edge for a secure fit. One size fits all. Adjustable shoulder straps and waist size. Neoprene cockpit cover are made from 3mm neoprene with a tight bungy elastic. Fitted to your V1 this cover keeps out the rain and bugs.

V1 Nyloprene Spraydeck

V1 Neoprene Cockpit Cover

Life Jackets: Our original, short waisted universal design for comfort and ease of movement, the Extra Sport UT3 is an affordable, very durable and universally sized PFD. A great life vest for outfitters, rental fleets and private rafters; its outstanding durability and adjustability assure continued fun for recreational boaters. The Extra Sport Eagle is less restrictive, cooler, more flexible and offers more comfort and features than competitive life vests.


Extra Sport UT3 - $139.00 NZ

Extra Sport EAGLE - $129.00 NZ

Extra Sport Infant Child - $64.00 NZ
A great value in a basic childrens Type ll vest. Designed to turn a child over and float them chest-up. The childrens Type ll features a 2-piece collar that cradles and supports the head. The adjustable leg straps with single-buckle connections make getting the vest on and off a snap.

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